Cultural Immersion by the Lake

Lakeside Luxury & History

EKHO Lake House Polonnaruwa offers a diverse array of activities that can cater to a variety of interests, making the most of its beautiful lakeside location and the rich cultural heritage of the region.d

Village Tour

Experience local Sri Lankan life by visiting a nearby village. This could include interactions with local villagers, insights into their daily routines, and perhaps participation in traditional crafts or cooking.

Lake Boat Safari

Explore the tranquil waters of Parakrama Samudra or another nearby lake, experiencing the local flora and fauna from a unique vantage point.

Archaeological Site Visit

Visit the ancient ruins of Polonnaruwa, where you can see the remains of palaces, shrines, and stupas. A guided tour can enrich this experience with historical insights.

Bird Watching

With the region’s abundant avian population, bird watching is a peaceful way to spend time, especially early in the morning or late in the afternoon when birds are most active.

Sunset Fishing

Enjoy the serene atmosphere of fishing at sunset, a relaxing way to end the day while engaging with the natural environment.

Sunset Cooking

Participate in a cooking class that starts in the late afternoon and culminates in preparing a meal that you can enjoy as the sun sets.

Sunset Cocktail

Savor a cocktail by the lake at sunset, enjoying the peaceful evening ambiance and beautiful views.

Champagne Breakfast at Boat

Start the day with a luxurious champagne breakfast on a boat, floating peacefully on the lake.

Candle Light Dinner at Boat

Ideal for couples looking for a romantic evening, this dinner offers a unique dining experience under the stars.


Get active with a kayak trip on the lake, offering both a good workout and a personal connection to the natural surroundings.

Bicycle Riding

Explore the surrounding areas at your own pace with a bicycle ride, which can range from a leisurely journey around the lake to visiting local landmarks.

Fish Feeding

Engage with the local aquatic life through fish feeding, an activity that can be calming and is often enjoyable for families with children.

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