Located approx.6 hours from Colombo, Ella is a popular tourist destination in the hills of Sri Lanka. This destination is packed with adventure, mythical stories and nature. A recent discovery and gaining popularity is the Ravana Cave linked to the legacy of the hero, King Ravana of the historic Indian epic ‘Ramayana’, who once ruled Sri Lanka hid the abducted Rama’s wife Princess Sitha for revenge. She was later found by Rama in a heroic battle and helped by a group of monkeys lead by Hanuman. A climb on a steep path, muddy rocks, the cave is about 600 steps from the Ancient Ravana Vihara Temple, about 2 km from Ella. Inside the cave, in ‘Nil Diya Pokuna’ (aka Blue Water Pond) lies the purest and clearest natural water in a glass like effect. Exploration recommended with a guide. Similar to this there are many nature tails including little Adams peak and breath-taking waterfalls such as the Ravana Falls and the famous Nine Arch Bridge is a must visit to complete your experience in Ella.