Located approx. 230 km from Colombo in the North Central, Polonnaruwa is second only to historic Anuradhapura served as the island’s capital from the 11th to 13th centuries. This contentious capital resembles a cosmopolitan blend of South Indian Hindu and Sinhalese Buddhist cultures; was the throne of the Parakramabahu I the Great (1153-1186 AC) who captured Polonnaruwa and ruled the entire island, then a flourishing commercial and religious center. He and King Nissanka Malla constructed many architecture marvels including temples and palaces.

View the manmade mini ocean-like giant lake, the Parakrama Samudraya named after the great king who built it in an endeavour to fuel an agriculture-based economy ; The statue of King Parakramabahu I gazing the lake, and the ruins of the Royal Palace of King Parakramabahu which are said initially to have 7 stories and 1000 chambers, walls thick up to 30 feet /9 meters.

Polonnaruwa Archaeological Museum with miniature models of the King’s palace, rooms dedicated to the fortress, the outer city, the monastery area, replicas of a local hospital for monks and medical instruments and Hindu monuments etc – a live link to the past!